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Javanese traditional wedding

Marriage is a marriage ceremony binding ceremony that is celebrated or executed by two people with the intention of formalizing the marriage bonds by religious norms, legal norms, and social norms. The wedding ceremony has many variations and variations according to ethnic, religious, cultural, and social class. The use of custom or certain rules is sometimes related to certain rules or religious laws as well.

Legal endorsement of a marriage usually occurs when a written document signing a marriage is signed. The wedding ceremony itself is usually an event held to perform the ceremony based on the prevailing customs, and the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. Women and men who are married are called brides, and after the ceremony is over they are called husband and wife in marriage bonds.

Each region has its own customs and traditions, including marriage. Yogyakarta became one of the areas whose customary marriage is famous for its peculiarities. Procedures or processions of traditional wedding Yogyakarta through several stages ranging from watching to the show the stage.




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Farah and Tinton wedding in Black And White

Bersatu dalam perbedaan

Kenapa manusia membutuhkan cinta dan pasangan hidup? mungkin karena pria atau wanita selalu tidak bisa hidup sendiria,begitu juga dengan kodratnya. apa yang ada inginkan dari sebuah kata ;menikah?; tentu adalah keharmonisan dan kesetiaan tingkat dewaa… kesetiaan dan pemahaman hidup seihklas ihklasnya dan berjuang sampai mati agar ketenangan,keabadian serta kebahagiaan selalu menyertai kita semua. Kata diatas hanyalah sekedar kiasan hidup yang terkadan menjadi impian setiap insan di dunia. Lahir,hidup,sehat,bahagia dunia dan akhirat… begitu selalu,sepersi sangat indah…
Wedding FArah Tinton,menjadi visual mengasikkan karena begitu seerhan namun kumplit isiannya,bahagia, romantis, dan bermakna.
selamat berbahagia






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ExtraOrdinary Couple

The Extraordinary Couple- Living in Love.
Power and FreedomIn ordinary reality individuals and couples are trapped in ordinary consciousness and a reality based in fear, guilt and shame. This reality determines our lives, choices and relationships, who we love and how we love. It is with commitment and courage that we can step into exploring our lives, relations, and have a possibility to liberate ourselves into deeper experiences of authentic love, power and freedom.

The extraordinary couple are aware of the dynamics of drama and control that keep them locked and tied in unhealthy patterns that result in a lack of fulfillment and frustration. How do we free ourselves and support the freedom of our partners? Learning to be allies in each others evolution and ultimate liberation is one of the traits of the extraordinary couple.

Through their love-making and intimacy they bring in more consciousness and life force energy that creates a fulfilling reality. Being together becomes more blissful and supportive of passions and dreams.



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